360 Feedback Assessment

The 360 Feedback Assessment is directed at generating feedback from a number of people with different perspectives on the candidate’s work related behavior as well as from the candidate herself. The 360 Feedback Assessment uses multiple evaluators in order to assess an individual work related behavior. These evaluators should have a decent insight in the candidates daily routine. It could be colleagues at equal level, or the candidates employees or superior, external service providers or even clients. By combining the various perceptions of all these people, a broad view on the candidates performance and work related behavior is accomplished. The 360 Feedback Assessments predominantly used as a basis for staff assessment systems, coaching interviews or performance interviews.

When assessing staff, a manager will not always be able to observe employees in all aspects of their position. Just think about staff working outside the office, spending most of their work time with customers. Different evaluator groups perform different roles regarding the candidate. By combining the perceptions of people with different perspectives a less biased, more complete view on the candidate is obtained.

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