WHAT IS aNewSpring?

aNewSpring is a cloud based, state of art online learning and knowledge retention platform, that consist of comprehensive Learner Management Solution. aNewSpring has been specially designed for use in professional training in any subject field. Sobethu Consulting is a Channel Partner of aNewSpring Africa. aNewSpring has been working with training providers and
corporates since 2003 and keeps developing aNewspring to meet their needs. aNewSpring is used by more than 400 clients and have enrolled more than 1 million learners worldwide. 

aNewSpring has been designed to empower Institutions of Higher Learning, Training Providers and Corporates to create and deliver exceptional online learning content and courses that help professionals learn smarter at their own convenience.

aNewspring is an ultimate blended learning solution that makes it possible to organise training online using all content types and multimedia content, and complement it with traditional training in the classroom. The combination of instructor led training and online automated adaptive learning offers the learner an optimal learning experience.

Our learning enhancement platform is designed to empower institutions of higher learning, training providers and corporates to create exceptional learning products that help professionals learn smarter and perform better. 
Develop training that learners and professionals learn smarter and perform better. Use various learning activities, develop content using our online editor, and make it pretty by choosing the look and feel you want. Our flexible structure helps you to re-use and update content centrally. 

aNewSpring BENEFITS:

Every learning journey consists of learning activities. This can be anything in aNewSpring, such as videos, assessments, surveys, assignments or lessons. You can also include external events, like a webinar, a live event or a webcam assignment.
Develop training that helps professionals learn smarter and perform better. Use various learning activities, develop content using our online editor, add external content (e.g. SCORM) and make it pretty by choosing the look & feel you want.
Use the adaptive features in aNewSpring to make your course adapt to the learner. Offer new course content based on goals and use MemoTrainer to help learners store new information in their long term memory.

Combine online and offline learning activities to provide participants a powerful and effective learning experience. Use videos, 360° assessments, quizzes, knowledge tests, webinars or any other type of activities in aNewSpring.
A community of learners creates a rich source of knowledge. Discussion and annotation tied into your content creates powerful learning for trainers and participants. aNewSpring creates a safe place to interact while learning.

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