We provide comprehensive business management consulting and advisory services. Our business advisory services ranges from strategy formulation, strategy implementation at operational level and project management and consulting:

- Strategy Management

- Human Resource Consulting

- Project Management Consulting

In rendering our Management Consulting and Strategy services, we adopt an integrated approach in conducting business analysis and in the provision of business advisory interventions.


In organisations, effective Strategy Management is the most important element of organisational success. Whilst organisations do formulate their strategies, lack of continuous refinement and effective deployment of strategy has resulted to strategy failures. We advise our clients on effective strategy management techniques and methods. The scope of our services include the facilitation of strategy planning workshops and sessions. Through our experience and in depth research we have done on the subject, we are able to facilitate effective strategy planning that will enable the our client to develop a integrated Corporate and Business Unit strategies.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect in strategy management is the development of the strategy implementation plan as well as the execution of strategy implementation itself. It is true that the importance of implementing a strategy is often overlooked. Execution or implementation on the other hand is viewed as routine stuff that follows a predetermined path dealing with the nitty-gritty shirt sleeves rolled-up and the grime and dust of the shop floor. No excitement and little scope for creativity. Crafting a strategy and execution are both sides of the same coin and need to resonate together.


We provide end to end Human Resource Consulting services. We assist our clients to proactively address human resource management tasks and enabling them to make critical strategic decisions regarding human resources issues. We are responsible for assisting clients with strategically integrating effective HR processes, systems and practices into the overall organisational daily operations. At the centre of our consulting model is the facilitation of the process to enhance the value of human capital and ensure that organisations have strategies in place to enable their staff members to contribute effectively in achieving organisational strategic objectives. 


We provide an integrated & comprehensive project management consulting interventions. Our services seeks to optimize the value of project management in our client organizations. From the formulation of project management strategy, adoption of project management methodology and framework to the development and implementation of project management processes and templates. Through this service we ensure that projects are resourced with skills that would ensure project success. Amongst the skills that we provide it would enable the effective management of projects from inception to closure:

- Project Management Planning

- Project Administration

- Project Management

- Project Auditing

- Project Evaluation and Monitoring

- Establishment of Project Management Office


In our view projects are critical for organisational efficiency and success. We assist our clients to prioritise, select and manage these projects for best business benefits. 

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