Project Management

Project Management is one of the sought after management skills in modern businesses. Through our project management training modules, we prepare learners and practitioners to be able to deal with real challenges that they encounter on their day to day execution of projects. We adopt case study based approach in rendering learning and development services to our clients. Case studies bring interesting, real-world situations into the classroom environment. Facilitation is provided by practitioners who possess first-hand experience in respective industries. Trough their experience our facilitators and practitioners are able to facilitate and provide practical guidance that can be utilized in business environment.


The course will provide the learners with project management insight and knowledge, skills tools and techniques. It seeks to close the gap between general understanding of project management and the industry best practice. This mode will empower learners to be able to execute planning activities, manage the project and undertake effective reporting during the life span of the project.

Fundamentals of Project Management




This course has been designed to provide a more nourished treatment on the subject of project procurement management delivered by one of the leading icons in the field of project management, procurement management and construction management Prof PD RwelamilaThis workshop has been designed to assist professional and practitioners who would like to develop their abilities and insights in the field of Project Procurement and Contract management best practices.

Project Procurement Management



We provide a series of broad topics and modules within the spectrum of project, programme, portfolio management and governance. Our modules are designed to cater for various levels, from introductory, intermediary to advanced levels of the project management modules. For clients with specific requirements, we are able to develop and customise training programmes that will address the core of the requirements.    

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