The shortage of skilled workers has been identified as the major impediment to organisational as well macro-economic growth in South Africa. Skills development is, then, the intended output of education, training, mentorship and coaching efforts that should be an enabler for growth. Skills Development can therefore be seen as an act of enhancing the capability of employees to improve the company efficiencies in the employee specific sphere of influence; and thus enabling the company to meet it strategic objectives.

Our Skills Development Interventions focus on ensuring that we facilitate the preparation of a conducive business environment for employers to plan and implement skills development strategies and plans. Furthermore we provide tools and techniques that will enable employees to acknowledge, understand their personality and business strengths and identify areas that require improvement. There are three core pillars for skills development Interventions:


In order to optimise the value of skills development to our clients we believe in the development and nurturing of a long terms business relationship. Throughout this relationship we develop customised but proven methods of improving our client's business performance whilst eliminating operational inefficiencies. The three pillars of our Skills Development interventions form the basis for our value proposition.

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