Tma method


People are most effective and successful at work that lies the closest to their true nature. It's from this starting point that the TMA Talents Analysis focuses on the candidate and finds him/her the position that is appropriate. This is the perspective from which we approach talent analyses and development possibilities.


For this, the TMA Talent Assessment is applied. TMA analysis is used for:

- Recruitment and Selection 

- Personality Assessment 

- Competency Assessment 

- Personal Development or Coaching




TMA Method distinguishes itself from other analysis methods such as traditional psychological tests, because TMA Method matches the candidate in a structured manner with your particular job position and examines all aspects of your candidate such as:


The talents/motivations of your candidate 

The behavior of your candidate 

Your candidate's interests 

Cognitive capacities

The TMA Method Analysis takes account of the often unconscious motivations; these are the basis of talents, qualities, shortcomings and behavior. The selection, development and assessment of staff are often not what they could be. Talents are being rejected, and hired staff often behaves differently than they did during their selection process. Some employees do not develop themselves in a way you may have expected and assessments are often disputed with all the consequences that may have.


The TMA Method has been developed to prevent the occurrence of such inaccuracies, using an interactive method to reveal the emotional balance, talents and motives of a candidate. The TMA Method is different from other analysis methods, such as the classical psychological tests, because it is based on finding a employees real talents. The TMA Methodology is thus constructive and objective.

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